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Side effects

Side effects manual for the integrated use in horticulture of pesticides and biological control organisms or pollinators.

Legend of Side Effects

The side effects that plant protection products have on BCOs are classified -according to the IOBC- in four categories:

Category Toxicity Death rate
1 Harmless < 25% deaths
2 Slightly toxic 25-50% deaths
3 Moderately toxic 50-75% deaths
4 Toxic >75% deaths

Side effects in bumblebees (Bombus spp.) are also classified in four categories:

Category Warning
Compatible with bumblebees.
۸ Cover the hive.
-> Remove the hive before using the product, and introduce it again after the persistence time (in brackets).
× Incompatible with bumblebees.

(N°) The amount in brackets indicates the persistence of weeks for auxiliary insects, in days, for the bumblebees.

(*) Not enough field experience about the product.

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Agrobio SL declines any responsibility on the use and application of this manual, as well as the loss or damages as a consequence of the use of the here mentioned products. It is very important to read the labels of the plant protection products before using them in the crops. Warning: registered products for crops protection are different in other countries. Please respect the legal local regulations.