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Chromotropic trap

Chromotropic traps


  • Big size: 40×25 cm (available in crates of 250 units)
  • Medium size: 20×25 cm (available in crates of 500 units)
  • Small size: 10×25 cm (available in crates of 1,000 units)

Available colours: yellow, blue and sky-blue.

The chromotropic traps are adhesive sheets, necessary to detect and monitor plagues in horticultural and ornamental crops.
These traps are made of a stiff and resistant plastic, with its two sides covered by a high-quality dry glue, water resistant, with no toxic substances and high-temperatures resistant. The adhesive sheets are delivered covered with paraffined paper, to make the placing easier.


The most suitable moment to place the traps into the greenhouse is at the beginning of the season, in order to detect as soon as possible the presence and development of plagues. It has been shown that placing traps inside the greenhouse a week before the planting will eradicate the plagues on the ground.

The yellow chromotropic sheets are especially useful to detect and trap white flies, wireworms, sciarid flies or aphids. The blue sheets are used to detect and trap thrips.

The traps must be placed at the same height of the crop, and must be raised as the crop grows up. It is necessary to place the traps in the troubled areas of the greenhouse, like windows or doors. It is recommended to place the sheets lined up, without leaving between them more than two meters. Once auxiliaries are released (in case they fly) it is necessary to remove the sheets if we notice that many auxiliaries are trapped.

The sheets are divided into 2x2cm squares to make the monitoring and count of captures easier. It is recommended to make tests at least twice per week.