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    Bottle with mummies of different parasitoids, from which 240 adults will emerge. Available in the following formats:

    • MIXcontrol-A: For aphid control in herbs and aromatic plants.
    • MIXcontrol-B: For aphid control in berry crops.
    • MIXcontrol-F: For aphid control in strawberry crops.
    • MIXcontrol-H: For aphid control in vegetables.
    • MIXcontrol-O: For aphid control in ornamental plants.

    The product is a mix of the parasitoids Aphidius colemani, Aphidius matricariae, Aphidius ervi, Aphelinus abdominalis, Ephedrus cerasicola and Praon volucre. MIXcontrol has been designed to control the main species of aphids present in horticultural crops. They are able to parasitize aphids of any stage, including the winged ones. In addition to parasitism the individuals release a pheromone that incites the aphids to let themselves fall into the ground, dying some of of them in the process.

    The table below shows the main aphids and the parasitoids to control them:

    Aphids / Parasitoids A. colemani A. matricariae A. ervi A. abdominalis E. cerasicola P. volucre
    Aphis fabae * * *
    Aphis gossypii * * *
    Aulacorthum solani * * * *
    Macrosiphum euphorbiae * * *
    Myzus persicae * * * * * *
    Myzus nicotianae * *


    0,5 – 1 ind/m2 preventively every two weeks, increasing the dose when the first colony of aphids is detected.


    The product can be applied to several greenhouse crops such as pepper, tomato, eggplant, bean, or cucumber. Also it can be applied to strawberry, raspberry, ornamental and aromatic plants.


    Open the bottle and leave it in the greenhouse at least four weeks. Hang the bottles on the plants or poles. Distribute the bottles over the crop homogeneously and concentrate the release of parasitoids on aphid hot spots once they are detected.


    Keep the bottle horizontally and do not store for more than 48 hours. Keep at 8-10 ºC and do not break the cold chain in all the transport and storage process.