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DACNUcontrol - Dacnusa sibirica


  • Bottle of 250 adults

Dacnusa sibirica is a small parasitic wasp that controls different species of leafminers. The performance of D. sibirica is better in crops raised in autumn, winter and spring. Its activity decreases with higher temperatures and it is advisable to replace Dacnusa sibirica with  Diglyphus isaea (DIGLYcontrol).

When the female of Dacnusa sibirica finds a leafminer hot spot it lays an egg from which it will emerge a larva that feeds on leafminer larvae. From the parasitized pupa will emerge a new parasitic wasp.


0.25-0.5 ind/m2, in two consecutive releases.

Dosage can vary depending on the crop and the level of the pest. Consult the recommended dose with an Agrobío field advisor.


Tomato, pepper, eggplant, courgette, bean, cucumber, melon, watermelon, chrysanthemum, gerbera and indoor plants.


Before opening the bottle, set it horizontally and rotate it to mix the content. Release the wasps in small boxes all over the crop early in the morning or at sunset.

When there is high temperature it is advisable to use Diglyphus isaea (DIGLYcontrol) instead of D.sibirica.


It is recommended to release the insects immediately. Otherwise, keep the bottle horizontally at a temperature of 8-10 ºC for maximum 1-2 days. Do not break the cold chain in all the transport and storage process. Never expose it to direct sunlight.