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The most sustainable agriculture: Agrobio compromises with the environment

The most sustainable agriculture: Agrobío compromises with the enviroment
Agricultura2000 page 15 – February 3, 2016

As we all remember, the first green revolution began at the beginning of the sixties. With the introduction of mechanization in agriculture, a variety improvements, fertigation and chemical pest control, agriculture underwent an important change which contribusted decisively to increase food production, to surpass food shortage and improve population nutrition in many parts of the world. And, although there are other parts that are still waiting for this revolution, the most technically advanced societies are still looking for products in which are cleaner and safer.

For Agrobio, the biggest challenge in the agro-industry sector consists of becoming more economical, social, sustainable and environmentally friendly in order to obtain more value in today’s society. In short, we are at the starting point of this known second green revolution, whose aim is to reach a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

With our effort and the efforts made by many others towards innovation and development, we are achieving that our sector becomes a global benchmark, where producers and consumers, as well as the auxsiliary industry of biological control, agrochemicals and the manufacturing and commercialization sector direct their projects towards the search of solutions committed to the respect for nature.

Considering our experience, we can affirm that there is a before and an after since the season 2006-2007, where our sector understood the need of using biological methods to fight against pests. Today, we can say that all the fruits and vegetales that we produce in the Spanish southeast are safe and clean. This phenomenon has not gone unnoticed it is more and more known and recoginned by the most demanding world markets.

Currently, Almeria has reached a very deep knowledge-base level by the research sector. The field technicians and growers, all together find solutions for the challenges that are posed. Here is where Agrobio wants to highlight its biggest effort referid to as R+D, collaborating closely with the scientific world, field technicians, producers and commercializing companies.

Pollinating insects deserve special attention, without them, feeding the planet will be practically impossible. In regards to this we want to say that Agrobio is playing a decisive role in the production of bumblebyes since the nineties, which has permitted to achieve cleaner and safer tomatoes and develop bio´pollination in other horticultural species as well as fruits.

Additionally, we want to highlight the significance of applying. chemical treatments correctly and the social commitment we all must acquire to preserve the persistence of species so important such as bees, bumblebees, etc.

Furthermore, biological control must be a method of respect and enviromental sustainability. It has become a fundamental pillar of the productive model in Almeria, and it gives a safety and reliability buns to the most demanding markets, facing third countries that compete in the European Economic Union.

Considering the experience of Agrobio, we can affirm that our production model is a model that can be exported to many parts in the world. Agrobio has supposed a level of internationalization for the exchange of knowledge of R+D.

Finally, we want to highlight the great interest aroused by the visit of scientists, groups of international growers and personalities that we receive each year, and who are interested in knowing how to reach a highly productive model which at the same time is more sustainable.



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