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Agrobío adquiere la empresa danesa EWH BioProduction ApS

Agrobío adquiere la empresa danesa EWH BioProduction ApS

Agrobío, 18 abril 2023

Agrobío adquiere la empresa danesa EWH BioProduction ApS, resultado de una estrecha relación comercial que han mantenido por muchos años.

Esta es la primera incorporación al grupo empresarial Agrobío. Referente en polinización natural y control biológico de plagas, marca un importante hito en su expansión internacional y su apuesta por fortalecer su presencia en Europa.

Agrobío COVID-19 Announcement

Updated 15th March, 2020

Due to the difficult health emergency situation the world is experiencing, in AGROBIO we follow the guidelines recommended by the authorities to collaborate in the control of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

We are committed to people and the strategic food sector, that is why we have adapted our work processes to protect the health of our employees and customers. We will continue with normal production levels, guaranteeing product availability and continuity of deliveries, always in accordance with the regulations decreed in each territory.

The most sustainable agriculture: Agrobio compromises with the environment

The most sustainable agriculture: Agrobío compromises with the enviroment
Agricultura2000 page 15 – February 3, 2016

As we all remember, the first green revolution began at the beginning of the sixties. With the introduction of mechanization in agriculture, a variety improvements, fertigation and chemical pest control, agriculture underwent an important change which contribusted decisively to increase food production, to surpass food shortage and improve population nutrition in many parts of the world. And, although there are other parts that are still waiting for this revolution, the most technically advanced societies are still looking for products in which are cleaner and safer.